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Hitsugaya Toushirou icy_heavens wrote in sirenspull_logs
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I am extraodinarily patient,
Who: Hitsugaya, Mayuri, and Byakuya
When: May 3rd, afternoon
Where: Hitsugaya and Byakuya's house
Summary: Mayuri drops by to pick up something that his previous self left behind.
Warnings: Mayuri. Actually, I think this should be pretty tame.

Kurotsuchi was back. And if that fact alone wasn't disturbing enough, he was coming to his house. Well. Kurotsuchi could come and get what he needed to get and then get out. Everybody would win that way.

Unfortunately, Hitsugaya was not naive enough to think things would be that simple.

The barrier around the house was lowered, both his and Kuchiki's reiatsu unhidden. Giving the actual address had been pointless when reiatsu tracking would give an accurate location.

Just . . . Hell, could this not have waited until all of the water damage had been repaired? There was notable degradation of the walls and furniture -- some of the furniture had been so badly damaged that they'd had to get rid of it -- and Kurotsuchi would notice everything. Notice and comment and want to study the phenomenon that caused all this.

This was going to be hell. Hitsugaya just knew it.

Such an inconvenience it was to run errands. Were Nemu around, Mayuri would simply have sent her. Instead, he was forced to deal with all the unpleasantries that came with the venture, to say nothing of being seen by members of the living world (and their shoddy makeup--he'd have to concoct his own as soon as possible). Nevertheless, he managed to flash step without incident to where Kuchiki and Hitsugaya resided in Sector 5, easily guided by their reiatsu.

...not the whole way, of course; flash step was so tiring.

He kept his reiatsu hidden until he arrived at the house, whereupon he suddenly released a little of it. While he waited, he inspected its exterior. It was certainly less impressive than the Kuchiki estate in Soul Society, but he hadn't expected much; after all, how much could a university professor in the living world possibly earn?

And what was Hitsugaya's mysterious night work?

Byakuya was of the same silent opinion as Hitsugaya. However, it amused him to make the taichou of Twelfth Division run an errand so minor. It would probably come back to haunt him later, but he could not find it in him to care.

Feeling the surge of reiatsu from outside, he answered it with one of his own - sort of a call to 'come in'. The file folder of the barrier instructions were under the final papers he was grading and he could not get up. He was sure that Kurotsuchi would understand.

Or not, but that was hardly his problem was it?

As soon as the papers were graded, he was going to need to continue working on clearing the trash and destroyed furniture and carpet from the house. He glanced at a catalog he'd gathered from a contractor's firm. "Wooden floors would be a better investment." He commented. He'd been wanting them anyway. Carpet always felt odd to walk on.

Hitsugaya supposed he might have found the concept amusing if it hadn't been his house Kurotsuchi had to visit. Laughing at someone's misfortune would have been a lot easier if he didn't have to partake of the misfortune himself.

Not that he laughed at much of anything, anyway.

And while Kuchiki may not have deigned to get up, Hitsugaya really had no excuse not to. It still felt strange, in all honesty, even though he'd been here for months; back in Soul Society, he was no stranger to taking a stack of division files home with him in the evening to work on them there. Here, though, his job involved minimal desk work. He actually missed that every now and then.

So he opened the door once Kurotsuchi was directly outside it. And hell, maybe he just didn't want Kurotsuchi touching anything of his house more than he had to. Unreasonable of him? Of course not.

Mayuri's right hand--the hand with the unusually long fingernail--was hovering near the door to let himself in when Hitsugaya appeared. Of course! He couldn't envision the 10th Division taichou standing for that, although the thought amused him. He lowered his hand.

"Ah, Hitsugaya-taichou."

Already his eyes were wandering beyond Hitsugaya's shoulder into the house.

Kurotsuchi had an oily voice. Byakuya had always found it so and had always tried to not listen to it, if he didn't have to.

Byakuya didn't even look up when the door was answered. The butchering of samurai poetry in front of him commanded his entire attention. Or, it didn't, but Byakuya knew that power was a subtle thing and often had nothing to reiatsu. Making Kurotsuchi come to him, making the man ask for the notes, and interrupt him in his grading, gave Byakuya the upper hand.

... Petty? Perhaps. But it was something he understood.

He didn't say anything, marking his notes about the paper in the margins.

He already didn't like the way that Kurotsuchi was scanning the house. Perhaps he would not have minded so much had there not been any disrepair. There was going to be be cheerfully chiding commentary, no doubt. Hitsugaya was braced for that, even though he knew it was going to annoy him anyway.

"Spare the attempts at pleasatries, Kurotsuchi. Just come in, get what you need, and be done with it."

And don't ask questions about the state of the hose. The last thing Hitsugaya wanted to do was make Kurotsuchi want study him upon finding out his powers had gone haywire two weeks ago.

He wasn't so socially inept that he couldn't tell when he wasn't wanted, nor didn't particularly enjoy either captain's presence, but he was loathe to pass up the opportunity to snoop. He stepped into the house, his eyes rapidly scanning the living space.

"Very well. The instructions, if you would."

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Byakuya barely twitched from where he was. Kurotsuchi hadn't specifically asked him, but for Hitsugaya's comfort, he'd break his silence.

He lifted a few papers and produced the folder that had the instructions and schematics for the barrier. Byakuya slid it across the table and didn't raise his head from his papers.

He, however, couldn't help one small gibe.

"I included Urahara's schematics for the barrier." His tone was even with just the slightest edge that he trusted them more than the taichou that had taken over for him. Soutaichou wasn't here, and while Byakuya was willing to work with his fellow taichous, that didn't mean he had to be polite.

"I'm not your errand-boy. You can get them yourself."

Perhaps that meant that Kurotsuchi would see more of the house, notice the water damage in oddly high-up places, suspiciously missing basic furniture; the house certainly didn't look at the moment to be up to the standard that either he or Kuchiki would demand. But it was the principal of the thing. He would not fetch things for Kurotsuchi.

He still had his pride, damn it.

"Tch, of course, you have," Mayuri answered shortly.

Such an unpleasant man Kuchiki was being--never mind that Mayuri had wanted to get his hands on Urahara's work, but that was twice in as many days that he'd brought up Urahara; purposely, Mayuri was certain. He didn't care that people preferred his predecessor to himself, but to purposely mention was irritating, not to mention insulting to his intelligence. To imply that Urahara was required to refine and edit his work...!

Mayuri retrieved the folder and opened it, skimming through the instructions where he stood. It further galled him that he could find no immediate error with Urahara's schematics; now he'd forgo sleep for the next couple of days until he had discovered some way to improve upon them. He'd fully intended to test the barrier immediately, but if Kuchiki were going to continue to needle him...

He was mollified slightly, at least, with the fact that Urahara was absent.

And by all that suspicious water damage. Particularly given the specific elemental nature of Hitsugaya's zanpakutou.

He tucked the folder under his arm.

"When the schematics have been refined and the barrier tested, I will let you know," he addressed both captains.

Byakuya kept right on grading papers. His room and a few other things had been spared the water damage. But he wasn't worried about it. Both he and Hitsugaya were very frugal and needed very little to survive. It was why they could afford a contractor to fix most of the house.

They would have to live without some things for a while, but that was alright too.

"It cannot be tested without it being seen as an overt act against the Espada." Byakuya's voice was chiding in a very superior sort of way. "That is something we cannot afford. The authorities have been willing to work with us, for now. Do not strain the relations."

That last was an order.

It was rather a good thing that they could afford a contractor; he honestly doubted either he or Kuchiki even knew how to fix half of this damage. And a part of Hitsugaya was galled that only his power had caused any damage; there was no sign at all of what Kuchiki's power had gone through. Not that he wanted the house to be in worse condition, but still. There was only evidence of his loss of control. It was irritating.

Hitsugaya was relieved on some level that Kurotsuchi hadn't mentioned anything about it, but that didn't relax him any. It could still happen. He wasn't gone yet.

There was the question of how the hell they were supposed to trust the barrier if it couldn't be tested beforehand, but arguing the point would only have Kurotsuchi in his house longer. Surely none of them wanted that.

"Is there anything else, or are we done here?"

Mayuri gave a snort at Kuchiki's words. He didn't care much for the Gotei 13 beyond that they funded his research and experimenting, and even then, he only grudgingly obeyed the soutaichou. Here, they were effectively disbanded. If Kuchiki, or any other captains thought they could order him around, they were mistaken. For the moment, he completely ignored Hitsugaya.

"So you would prefer to postpone the testing until the same moment it is needed?" His tone, as oily as ever, suggested he thought this exceedingly foolish.

Byakuya finally deigned to look up from his work. His grey eyes were half-lidded and colder than any ice Hitsugaya had covered the house in.

"Unfortunately, we have no choice." Byakuya was giving out orders again. "Several officials have taken to the Espada and we cannot risk the chance that any overt action by us would be taken as an attack. For now we are constrained by how we are perceived."

He ticked up that eyebrow. "Or would you rather fight not only the Espada but law enforcement and have the barrier fail then?" He didn't expect it to, only that it could. He'd given it good hard thought and as little as he liked it, this was still the best course of action.

Not so long ago, perhaps no more than a year, Hitsugaya had muttered about stupid old men and their equally stupid squabbles. He didn't feel like getting into this one himself right now. In all honesty, he could see both sides of the debate, and neither option was a good one.

"We need to be discreet about this for the time being. If there's a way that testing can be done in such a manner, then fine. If not, I'd rather not be subject to the Voids."

Or the legal system, to tell the truth. There were too many potentially hazardous dealings there. And hell if he wanted himself and the other shinigami branded as criminals and threats. That wasn't the way that things were supposed to be.

Kuchiki's coldness bounced off him. In all likelihood, the barrier would work as it had been intended; improving on it and testing it were more to satisfy his own curiosity. If Kuchiki and the rest of the taichous were set on battling with the Espadas, let them. Mayuri had no interest in that. It was galling to be unable to satisfy his curiosity, but in the grand scheme of affairs, he had far more important and fascinating things with which to concern himself in the Port.

And now he had plenty of time to contrive ways of being difficult with Kuchiki when it came time for him to finally test the barrier.

"Very well," he replied curtly, turning to leave.

He stopped before the door, his head swiveling around to face Hitsugaya. With one long finger, he pointed to a spot of water damage, his lips curling to reveal too many teeth.

"What happened here, taichou~?"


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