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The Snake and the Unicorn
Who: Amalthea, Liquid Snake, anyone who might come across them [Open]
When: 9/26, mid-morning
Where: Somewhere where there are clothing stores!
Summary: Amalthea fails at shopping. Liquid is moritified at being dragged shopping. PROFIT.
Warnings: Probably nothing but poor Liquid and Amalthea being total fail. All are welcome to join in!

The following morning, Amalthea had precious little to do for the day beyond meeting the watersnake --er, Liquid, in order to acquire some sort of clothing. It made a lot more sense to get a heavy cloak at the very least.

Despite the looks she was getting, most being variations of 'WTF' given that she wore nothing more than a pale brown cloak that she held clutched closed with one hand and her money grasped in the other hand, Amalthea was - thus far - unharassed by locals.

She stood as still as a statue to one side of the spot she was to meet the gentleman, perfectly motionless save for her eyes that remained alert, patiently waiting for her escort of the day.

Liquid had opted to pull his poor abandoned coat from its hiding place that morning. He had almost gotten used to being without it, but the FOXHOUND unit's coat was a symbol he didn't want to forget about. He was very fond of that coat, after all. It was easy enough for him to get there. He decided to leave the motorbike Kadaj had given him behind in favour of just following the coastline from the warehouse.

The girl he was looking for was easy enough to spot. Again, he wondered why he'd gotten himself trapped in this. It was going to be either the most embarassing thing he'd ever done, or the sky was going to fall and spare him. If only he could have just blown something up as an excuse not to go there. Still, he reminded himself absently, he was helping out the poor sheltered woman. Surely that would be worth it?

...he hoped?

Why wasn't the sky falling yet?

Liquid lifted a hand to wave to her as he saw her. "Amalthea!" he called, approaching.

A flash of silver reflects off of her hair as she turns at the sound of her name. Poor girl was just clueless about Liquid's doubt and discomfort with the idea of going shopping. But he's in it now! Being that the sky didn't appear to be falling anytime soon, he was stuck.

On the plus side, helping her will mean that she will owe him a favor as well, and the favor of a unicorn is a good thing!... not that he knew she was a unicorn. "You are the snake, Liquid?" She inquires, studying the man curiously. She bows politely, if cautiously, moving gracefully towards him. "Hail and well met - and again I must thank you for assisting me."

He echoed the bow, not sure what else to do, and stood still, allowing her to see whatever it was she was cautious about. "That's correct. I am Liquid Snake," he replied.

It was probably a good thing he didn't know she was a unicorn yet. This would be even more embarassing. As it was, he was pretty sure she'd been raised by wolves or something.

Apparently she's deemed it safe enough to approach further, bare feet padding on the ground. She's also learned her lesson about commenting on strange names.

Wolves indeed. She would probably find that amusing. Well, at least she wasn't going to ask him to help her try on the clothes. Molly usually did that for her, so she knew enough that men would be pretty fail that far. "Then shall we depart?"

Liquid nodded, offering her a slight smile. "It isn't far. Just this way." He gestured in the right direction, starting to walk off in that way.

He was pretty sure she wouldn't. Most women were too modest for to ask men to do that anyway. Thankfully. Then again, he was used to seeing women half-naked - Sniper Wolf had gone around in Alaska with her top unzipped to her waist.

Amalthea nods once, gratefully, and followed along behind Liquid. Normally she'd walk in silence, but her genuine curiosity gets the better of her. "How did you come to have a human body?"

Modesty? Pff, she ... normally doesn't know anything about that. But Molly did caution her about that sort of thing. Walking around half naked is supposed to be scandalous for female humans. For shame on this Sniper Wolf. Shaaaaaaaame.

Also everyone must be cold blooded where Liquid's from if they can walk around half naked in cold environments.

Liquid shook his head, remembering her odd belief about him being a living snake. Ah, well. Might as well play along. "A group of humans known as the Patriots gave it to me. Unfortunately, it makes it impossible to change back. On the bright side, I have fingers now," he replied, sarcastic as ever.

Nanomachines. The answer is always nanomachines.

A small frown follows that statement. "That is terrible, to be stuck in a body you were not meant for." ... she speaks from experience, though at least in her case, she wound up changing back every night. "Are you not concerned that you may forget your true nature, being forced to endure life as a human?"

That sarcasm sprouts wings and flies over her head. Wave to it as it flies away! She glances at her hands thought, pensive. "I suppose they are ... convenient."

"I've been stuck in this body for years now," he mused, looking away. Really, no concept of sarcasm either? "I don't even remember what it was like before it."

Well, it isn't a lie. It's just worded to fit with her odd thoughts. "They can be useful."

She almost stops dead at that. Stuck in the body of a human for years? And not even remembering what it was like before...? "How terrible...! Such a thing... it is even worse than death." How do you live with yourself Mr. Snake?

... okay so it's not a lie, just a ... um... misinterpretation. "To lose ones identity... one's very self... it is terrifying." She shivers a little at the thought.

"Don't think that. It's alright. I'm used to it by now," he replied, a little worried by her reaction. "Being a human's not so bad. Even if I have only recently come to accept it."

That part is true. He's been so used to thinking of himself as just a clone that becoming 'human' is odd to him.

She shakes her head, frowning. It's ... still a disturbing concept to her, "I cannot say that I think the same." She'll never accept becoming human. It's horrid enough she had to do human things ... but she had to admit, she was at least fortunate enough to be able to turn back to a unicorn at night.

"Why did those people turn you into a human? What could they possibly have hoped to accomplish?"

"Human... things. They're a little complicated to explain." He evaded the question expertly. Poor woman. She really was raised by wolves or something, he's sure. To think that a snake could ever become a person. Pitiful. "A lot of times, humans do things simply to see if they can."

The poor snake was probably traumatized. Amalthea wisely decides not to follow up on the line of questioning, shaking her head. Just wait till they pass the meat market. "How do I identify these stores that sell clothing?" Come to think, she should try and figure out what exactly it was she needed.

A cloak, definitely. Then people kept fussing at her about undergarments, so she supposed she needed that too.

"If you look in the windows - those sheets of glass - they'll usually have plastic models of people wearing clothing," he replied quietly. The thought that she might react badly to such things never crossed his mind.

It was a good day for it, at least. The sun was shining, the wind was soft. Nothing to worry about. Right?

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