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// Cry, little sister~♪♫
Who: Liquid Snake, Amalthea
When: The morning of February 14th
Where: The Forest
Summary: No matter what else Liquid might be, he's loyal to his friends. Following the news report, he goes in search of the injured Amalthea.
Warnings: None

The moment the news report had flashed up on his screen, Liquid Snake had choked on his tea. The name struck out at him, catching his eye. He had moved without a word, fluid and elegant, to grab his coat and some supplies and run. Both times he had encountered Amalthea had been in the forest. She seemed to like it there, away from people. It was where she would go, surely? Yet the forest was a long way away. Liquid did not tire easily, but even he needed to pause and lean against a tree for a moment to catch his breath.

Closing his eyes, he listened. The whispers of the trees, the faintest sound of movement from small creatures that crept away from his presence. Without meaning to, he found himself flashbacking to survival training back at the SAS. If he got lost inside this forest, he would be alright, he knew. It would not be the first time he would have survived wild. Far from it. But this was not the time for reminiscence. He delayed only for a couple of moments before heading into the forest proper, lifting his voice to call her name.


Usually, when she wanted to hide, she employed illusions to let those who came in search of her - mostly those who wanted to catch a unicorn, or lesser creatures - to get confused and turned around. She used that last night, after fleeing the farm and into the forest she called her true home. The transformation from girl to unicorn and back, had never been so painful, and her wound wasn't healing properly. Not with the bullet still in her shoulder.

Curled up under some bushes, she'd opted to lie still, under close guard by her companion. The spider-dog lying at the front of the bushes, pricked up his ears and growled at the voice. Amalthea paused at the voice herself, but after a second the forest air seems to shimmer as she dropped the illusion. Now there was a path, tracks and probably evidence of blood from both the unicorn and the beast with her. Easy enough to find her now, right?

Liquid dropped to his knees, checking the tracks and blood with a frown. That it had escaped his sight before bothered him a little, but he disregarded it. He'd been distracted, most likely. That was unacceptable. He would have to focus. This was important, after all.

Rising to his feet, he followed the tracks, as he'd been taught. They dead-ended at a selection of bushes. After a second's thought, he dropped down to ground level without a thought, looking underneath the bushes.

And Liquid will first see a set of eyes. Four sets, actually, as the eight eyed monstrosity is lying right beside Amalthea, growling out at the intruder. Hi. Also, Grr.

The light being blocked with Liquid's presence, followed by the growling of her guardian, drags Amalthea's attention. He'd found her quite a lot more quickly than she thought he would. Still, she cautiously drew back from the opening. "It is you ...?" Sure she heard his voice, and assumed he had been looking for her, but she wasn't sure why.

The growling beast was met with a cool look. He made no sudden movements, his eyes adjusting to the darkness underneath quickly. "Amalthea. I thought you'd be here," he mused. Shaking his head, he crawled backwards a little so the light could come in again, revealing his features. "I heard you got shot. Thought you might need some help."

She hesitated a moment. How did he know -- well okay, he did know she liked the forest so it was normal. "You sought me out?" Why she should sound baffled by this ... yeah. "It will not heal." This is ...sort of agreement to accepting his help, in Amalthea-ese. "Nor will his injury." She hesitated a moment.

At that point, she must have 'said' something to the beast, as the growling subsided. Instead, the creature crawled out from under the bushes and took a step or two away. Watching suspiciously, he sat as Amalthea slowly started to work her way out from under the bush again, slow going with only one arm to maneuver pulling herself clear.

"If I can help him, I will."

He offered his hand to help her, glancing over as the wound was revealed. It was not a bad one, but it was definitely going to need treatment. "Is the bullet still inside? If it is, it won't heal until it's out," he warned. His gaze flickered over to the creature, watching it-

" that the creature that was eating people's pets a while back?"

"Bullet? There is indeed a thing - I cannot think to remove it." She didn't know how, in other words. And certainly didn't carry knives or anything. She glanced at the creature as he did, but her friend so far hadn't made so much as a peep. Just watching, just in case. Of course if Liquid did do something bad, that creature would have been up and attacking in seconds.

She glanced at her wound with a grimace - it hurt to move her arm, but the most she had been able to do was keep her from suffering from the pain of it. Until she moved. She knew the spider-dog wouldn't allow Liquid to touch him without Amalthea's insistence, so she glanced at Liquid first, "Then I thank you in advance, for your assistance Lord Jormangundr."

As for the latter question, she nodded again. "He is. He is under my protection." And he wasn't supposed to have come looking for her, but he had been hungry. Or lonely. She didn't ask him why he sought her out, actually.

He started, staring a little wide-eyed at her at the new nickname. That was definitely one he hadn't expected. He didn't exactly mind - it was far more dignified than 'melty lizard' - but it was certainly a strange thing to be called.

"Removing it will hurt," he warned. "But it will be far worse to allow it to remain inside. Apart from preventing healing, it could drive in deeper and cause severe harm. Can you sit up?"

Hey, liquid snake = Water snake = sea serpent. It totally made sense to her. That and assuming he was a lord of some sort. But the reaction was puzzling. "Have I said something inappropriate?"

Tensing a little bit, she shook her head. "I do not wish to allow it to remain. If it is pain I must endure, then I shall." She glanced towards the creature behind her. "You too, must restrain your instincts if you wish to recover properly."

Rather than answer the question on her ability to sit up, she simply did so, pushing herself up on one arm, holding her wounded one close to her body gingerly, and tucking her legs to the side. "How do you intend to remove this... 'bullet'? It is within my arm."

"Ah- no. I've just never been called that before," he admitted, laughing lightly. "It's a nice name. Fitting."

He stilled her, placing his hand against the wounded arm without touching the injured area. "There's two choices. Either I try to excise it - that's, to cut it out - or I use this to try to grab it and pull it out." He holds up a thin metal device, similar to a pair of tongs but far smaller. "From the looks of it, it's not in deep."

Fitting indeed. The curious glance goes from Liquid's face to his hand, her arm twitching slightly even though he hadn't actually touched the injured area.

Metals... if it's iron or steel, then ... "I cannot bear the touch of such metals. Yet if it is necessary, then I shall leave the means of removing this 'bullet' to you, Lord Jormangundr. You are more versed with knowledge on their removal."

Just don't freak out if the tongs or knife burns her skin, kay?

"I will do my best to get it over with quickly," he replied. After all, if she reacted so badly to metals, the bullet wound must be even worse for her. He steadied her arm, checking the wound again. It was just big enough for the tongs and with her arm being so small - well. It was worth a try. "Brace yourself," came the quiet warning before he slipped the tongs into the wound, working them to where the bullet was. Despite her reaction to them, he didn't flinch or move, holding her arm steady until - ah. There. They closed on the bullet, carefully extracting it. Blood spilt from the wound and he quickly reached for the bandages. Carefully, he disinfected and bandaged the wound. "There. It should heal now."

He picked up the bullet, studying it. "It hasn't fragmented, so there's nothing else inside."

Hesitant, she nodded. And it was a good thing he was steadying her arm, because even AFTER she braced herself for what he would have to do, she jerked back on instinct with a noise that was both shrill and muted at the same time. It did hurt, and quite a bit, though she wasn't sure if it hurt more from her moving - though she did try to stay still. As much as she was able anyway. There might be a faint hissing noise, though it was more from contact of the metal on her skin than anything else. Like a single drop of water on a griddle.

Having turned away from the work at hand, eyes squeezed shut, she let out a low exhale once she felt the horrid, horrid thing out of her poor arm. Now the burning sensation ceased, and the color was coming back to her face. Not ...that it was very noticeable - she was always pale as moonlight. "Yes." She said after a moment, relief in her tone if not her face as she inspected the bandage. "I will be well by evening, and for this I thank you." She leaned over and pressed her hand against the ground to test her weight, wincing slightly. Not well enough to run, so she would have to hope her illusions and barriers held tonight. "Can you do the same for one such as he?"

The spider-dog did not look particularly KEEN on going through what Amalthea had, but oh well.

Liquid nodded, watching the creature peacefully for a moment. "Yes. I can, if you can keep him calm. I don't think he'd trust me."

A faint frown crossed his face at the words. By evening? What sort of powers did she have to heal that fast? ...then again, he was the one that healed when exposed to water. More concerning was the way the metal had burnt her. He absently drew his gloves off to test that the tongs hadn't become hot. There was nothing.

"He will be still." Amalthea glanced at the beast at length, and extended her unbandaged arm. "Come. You need not be afraid. Lord Jormangundr is ...a friend." How few of those did she have here? There was Claire, but she was gone now. Then there was Toboe, and of course Liquid himself and...and that was actually it, really. Though there were others who intrigued her, it wasn't the same.

She caught a glimpse of the look on Liquid's face when he tested the tongs, but said nothing. Of course. The Spider-Dog meanwhile, after a wary glance at the man, pushed himself up on seven of eight legs, manuevering over to Amalthea. It's right foreleg was the one that had been shot - the one where a foreleg would be on a normal dog, at least. Settling down again, the beast rested his head on Amalthea's lap, where she simply laid a hand on his head to calm him.

"Can you see his injury?" She inquired of Liquid. The poor beast was injured in much the same way as Amalthea had been. She hoped that the bullet hadn't 'fractured' as he called it. If Liquid couldn't get it out, there was no one else she could trust.


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